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Introducing Dominic Paul cosmetics

So the wait is finally over here is the first official look at my logo for @dominicpaulcosmetics which is launching next year!! I hope you love this logo as much as I do. I feel it represents me in a simple but affective way. Comment below if you’re excited!! 😀😍😘🐘 ( Logo is ™️)


New work

‘Beauty is the illumination of your soul’ Photographer Alison Wallis Photography and gorgeous model @conniebee145 PRM Model Agency MUA obviously by me Dominic Paul Makeup Artist Stay tuned for more!!! 😘

( Products used Carron Cosmetics setting powder/Mascara Viseart Paris 00 structure brow palette NYX Professional Makeup Gloss TOM FORD light/medium shade & illuminate Charlotte Tilbury Light to medium filmstar bronze & glow & Hollywood beauty light wand highlighter on body Models Own glow it drops in shade OMG Daniel Sandler Cosmeticswatercolour creme rouge – soft peach EX1 Cosmeticsinvisible liquid foundation shade 1.0 Nanshy set blush palette Mii Cosmetics Brow Builder Remarkably fair )

New work

New work

Photography Alison Wallis Photography MUA me Dominic Paul Makeup Artist Hairstylist Hannah Olivia Models Abeni mh Marika c

Products used foundation EX1 Cosmetics concealers Charlotte TilburyNARS Cosmetics Eyeshadow primer Urban Decay Cosmetics Setting powder Carron Cosmetics Eyeshadow Morphe Brows Viseart ParisMascara Carron Blusher/Highlighter NARS Cosmetics tarte cosmeticsLipstick Molly Cosmetics Brushes Nanshy )


Stories Collective magazine

New work for Stories Collective
Photography – Amber Eggleden Photography
Model – Florence Violet Gould The Hive Models
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist
Hair – Natalie-Danielle Hair & Makeup Artist

Ellements Magazine – Outtakes

Hi guys, so unfortunately these few images weren’t used in my recent editorial for Ellements magazine however i still want to show you all as they are amazing and really do need to be seen.

Hope you enjoy




Photography – Danny Gaska

Model – Iza Rios @ PRM Model Management

Stylist – Laetitia Tomasso

MUA – Dominic Paul

Hair – Natalie Danielle

The Model Magazine

New work for The Model Magazine​ featuring actress Dakota Blue Richards​

Photography – Amber Eggleden Photography​
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist​
Hair – Anni Rademacher​

image1 window to the soul 2

Q&A in the Jan/Feb issue of County Wedding Magazine.

Check out my Q&A in the Jan/Feb issue of County Wedding Magazine.





Gosh I cannot believe that 2017 is right upon us! This year has gone so quickly. It’s also been a year of ups and downs but I cannot wait to see what next year brings! Here are some of my highlights from this year that I’ve done with some amazingly talented individuals! 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣➡️2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣
I hope you all have a fabulous NEW YEAR!!
Stay safe. 






I am delighted to announce that i am returning in January to The Beauty Academy to teach Makeup!!
“I feel i am ready to return as i have a lot more experience and knowledge to give to a new group of students!!”

Hope to see you all there.

Much Love

Find out more about our Make Up Courses at


Actress Jamey May

Onset with Actress Jamey May! A bronze glowing goddess COMING SOON… XXX


Beauty Advice Expert

Excited to announce that I’m one of the beauty advice experts for the November/December issue of County Wedding Magazines​

Make sure you pick up a copy!!! 🙂

(Purchase in Print or an E-copy Now)


September Bookings!!

Hi guys! So I’m taking on bookings for September. so if you’re looking for a makeup artist for any upcoming shoots please contact me on

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,





Nadia Araujo





Photography – Amber Eggleden Photography
Model – Nadia Araújo
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist
Hair – Martyna Parzniewska
Stylist – Alicia Ellis
Assistant MUA – Abigail Martin

Coming soon…

Photography – Wharf-Young Photography
Models – Nejilka Arias Nevs Model Agency
Jewllery – Jolita Jewellery
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist
Hair – Yuri Nakajima
Assistants – Abigail Martin, Amber Eggleden


Dermal Fillers at Clinicbe

Back in January Nuit magazine sent me off to review and try out the ‘Dermal Filler’ treatment at ‘Clinibe’s’ clinic in Knightsbridge. Thank you DR Kubicka for the amazing treatment and I’m so happy with the outcome!! 🙂

(Here is the review i wrote for ‘Nuit magazine’)



In recent years dermal fillers have become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available, mainly due to its speed and ease. Injectable facial fillers are used to smoothen out fine lines or to replace volume. With the latest generation of dermal fillers using a naturally occurring Polysaccharide (Sugar) called Hyaluronic Acid which add volume and hydration, there are even more reasons to explore the possibilities. We met up with London-based Dr. Barbara Kubicka, founder, director and doctor at CLINICBE, a new clinic situated in the heart of Knightsbridge to find out more about dermal fillers and how it’s possible to achieve a youthful look without going under the knife.

Where can fillers be used on the body and what is it for?
Dermal fillers can be used anywhere on the body where increased volume is needed. As we get older our skin loses high levels of Hyaluronic Acid which is the main substance for our skins fullness, so injectable fillers are used to target those areas and re-add the volume. In addition, it can also be used to smoothen out fine lines and to help achieve a younger looking complexion.

How long does the treatment take and will it hurt?
The treatment takes about 30 minutes. Numbing cream is applied to make the treatment less painful but it depends on the patient. Most modern fillers now contain a local anaesthetic making the injections comfortable even in delicate areas such as your lips, so there’s usually no need for concern.

How often should you have it done and how long does it last?
Importantly, being a natural bio-degradable substance the dermal filler is not permanent, so treatment will need to be topped up to maintain the desired look. Remember the more regular you have the treatment the longer it lasts. Here is a rough guideline to how long it can last if looked after well: facial volume between 9 to 12 months, lines, wrinkles and folds  6-9 months and lips 4-6 months.

What about aftercare?
Once you have had your treatment, swelling can occur as well as redness and bruising but painkillers can be taken if you’re feeling uncomfortable. To prevent lumpiness or asymmetry you must massage the area once a day for a week. This will smoothen out the product, giving it a natural look and less noticeable to the eye. Avoid touching the area for 6 hours and makeup can be applied an hour later. No vigorous exercise for at least 12 hours and stay away from the sunbeds, heavy exfoliation treatments such as peels, facials and microdermabrasions for the next 5-7 days. You must also stay away from extreme heat until the swelling had gone down.

Can it be reversed if the client isn’t happy with the results?
Dermal fillers can be reversed if the client isn’t happy with the outcome or no longer requires its effects. It can be removed with hyaluronidase which naturally melts down the hyaluronic acid fillers and you will see instant results.

What types of Dermal fillers are available and which is most popular?
There are a number of Dermal fillers available in the market, with popular names being: Juverderm, Restylane, Teosyal and Emervel. Juverderm has to be the most popular one used.

To Book
Email Clinicbe on or Call  02071250521
Find out more about Dr. Kubicka by visiting



Alisha white outtake!!

Hi guys, so i had to post this!! This is an outtake from my recent editorial for Dash magazine!




Photography – Indrek Galetin
Model – Its Her Persona
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist
Assistant MUA – Abigail Martin


Thank you Vogue Italia

Thank you Vogue Italia for sharing this image!!

Photography – Indrek Galetin
Model – Its Her Persona
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist
Assistant Mua – Abigail Martin



Throwback Vogue Netherlands online

Screen_Shot_2016-04-01_at_18_17_24 Screen_Shot_2016-04-01_at_18_17_55






























Daphne Simons from Next Models​ for Vogue Netherlands

Photography – Hanna Hillier
Makeup – Dominic Paul


Cant help myself but heres another sneak peak photo! Coming soon…


Behind the scenes Photography – Wharf-Young Photography​
Model – Its Her Persona​
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist​
Assistant MUA – Abigail
Main Photography – Indrek Galetin​


Cant get enough of this girls face!! Love 🙂


Photography – Amber Eggleden
Model – Alexandra ELITE LONDON
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist

Full Face Glitter Tutorial – Sneak Peak

Full Face Glitter Tutorial – Sneak Peak

Coming soon..




Gem Face – Preview

Hi guys, here is another preview of whats to come…

Stay tuned…




Gem Face Makeup Tutorial – Sneak Peak Coming Soon….

Hi guys, here is the sneak peak of whats to come…

Stay tuned…






Gem Face

Today i created this look using gems all over my face! To do this i used eyelash glue with a bag of gems that i brought at my local craft shop and stuck them all over my face making sure it had some sort of pattern. I must say it does take some time but within no time you can create a look that is  photoshoot ready.







Im so ecstatic to say I’m in TWO MAGAZINE AGAIN FOR THE 3RD TIME!!

Hope you like it!!



Photography – Amber Eggleden Photography
Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist
Hair – Tuesday
Models – Alex ELITE LONDON Peyton Knight IMG Models Worldwide

Peyton Knight

This has to be one of my favourite shots of the beautiful Peyton Knight at Img Models worldwide!

Here is the look i created on here and i will be listing the full product list in the next few days!




New Work

Earlier this year i shot with one of my favourite photographers for a spontaneous beauty shoot and finally i get to show off the images!!



Photography – Amber Eggleden Photography

Makeup – Dominic Paul Makeup Artist

Model – Alexandra Elite Model Management


‘Lingerie La Femme’

Hi lovely followers! I have some exciting news i have new work for ‘Lingerie La Femme.’ This time its called ‘For The Love Of Lace!’

Hope you all like it!!






No more fallout! why not use Shadow Shields!!

Absolutely Loving these.

Shadow Shields are perfect creation for those who have trouble with eyeshadow fallout. So whether applying on a client or just on yourself! You will always have the perfect complexion.

All you have to do is stick them under your eyes and they will to pick up any unwanted fallout! Quick, easy and totally pain free!



Is it important to moisturise when you have oily skin?

applying_moisturiserIs it important to moisturise when you have oily skin? 

Yes it is very important to moisturise when you have oily skin because the reason you produce oil is because your skin has no moisture so when you do moisturise it tricks your oily glands into thinking your skin its already oily so it prevent you from excessive oiliness. If you are acne prone you need to make sure you use a moisturiser that is oil free. Because the last thing you want is to put more oil on top of more oil and it will only break you out even more. It is also nice to moisturise if you wear makeup a lot as  it’ll make sure your makeup sits properly without being flakey.  If you are somebody with dry skin then moisturiser is a must as it will act as a primer for your makeup and will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

I hope this makes sense and answers your questions.

Please don’t hesitate to email me on



What is strobing?

I have been asked by numerous people about What is strobing? So i am here to answer that question finally!

Strobing is another form of advanced highlighting in which you apply a highlighter to the high points on your face. Such as;Brow bone, above the brow, nose bridge, cupids bow, chin and cheek bones.  The key is to do it effortless giving the illusion you are fresh faced and natural as if you have a sun kissed glow. To be honest it is no different to what women have been doing already. Call it the new contouring.

If you are looking for products to do this i would advise using ‘Benefits High Beam’ or the hightlighter side from ‘Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze & Glow.’

(Remember use a highlighter that complements your skin tone!)

I would advise if you are extememly oily to make sure you use a mattifying primer as this technique could make you look even more oilier than you are already.



How to get rid of Acne!

Ive suffered from acne since i was 15 and I’ve struggled for years to get rid of it! and nothing would help. I spent out fortunes on acne preventing products such as; creams, light therapies and skin peels. But they didnt help they only made it worse! But I recently had an eureka moment and i discovered how my acne is triggered and how i can prevent further breakouts. Don’t get me wrong i know it wont go completely because there many factors as to why people get acne and i know everyone is different but for me i know this is the reason why i do.

A few years back i had an allergy test because i kept being sick and having a stomach aches and i had a feeling it was triggered by dairy products. So i went and had an allergy test and it determined i was 100% intolerant. But it also showed i was allergic to numerous other things like; soya, pork, prawns, crab and white wine! (the white wine was the painful part) When i found out about this i thought long and hard and i realised those were the frequent things i ate and drank regularly.

I Then decided to test myself and cut down on them to see if i had any changes and i noticed a considerable amount. My skins appeared  clearer and i noticed the cysts i had on my cheeks had gone down and i had no further breakouts under the skin! I cant lie i do get some small breakouts here and there but no where near as bad as i used to. Its just about monitoring what you put into your body and taking care of it. Im not saying you cant eat anything nice again but space it out don’t eat everything you like all at once.

I really hope this helps others out there who are suffering like i was. Its really easy to see an allergist, you get instant results and it makes you feel a lot more energised and more confident.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Dominic Paul




Jocks & Nerds Magazine

The other day i created this look on the beautiful model Karina! We were shooting for Jocks & Nerds magazine that is coming out in September and i was given the brief to create a smokey eye and a red lip that was translate in black and white photography. When you shoot in black and white makeup is really washed out so you have to go a lot darker and heavier so it shows up on camera.

I cant wait to show you all the final images!!

Dom xx



Pro Clear Makeup Travel Bag!

Yesterday i went to Charles Fox in Covent garden. When I’m in London i always make an effort to visit this store because i always find new goodies! And today i purchased a four compartment roll up clear makeup bag. (sorry so many words to describe it! haha) Not only does it keep your kit looking nice and tidy it also makes life a lot easier when finding certain products! You can also roll it up and use it as a makeup bag as it had a handle which i think it perfect if you’re on the go or on set! I must say this is one of the first makeup bags that i feel i will keep for a very long time as I’m always swapping and changing, I might even buy another one 😉


Stay tuned for more quick blogs





Charles Fox / Kryolan Pro Discount

To all Makeup Artists

If you didn’t know you can now get Pro Discount at ‘Charles Fox!’ Just sign up to and you will receive 20% off all products in stores world wide.

Remember you must be a pro!



Dior Airflash Mattetouch

I am crazy obsessed with this product not only is it convenient and quick to apply it feels so light on the skin. I would definitely recommend this product to the women who  hasn’t got much time to apply makeup and is in a hurry.

Will definitely be purchasing more of these so i can use them on my clients!!

10/10 Dior!


Nars Albatross Blush/Highlighter

Recently i have gained a new obsession and that is dewy glowing skin.  On a lot of editorials and weddings i have done i have been using the Nars Albatross Blush/Highlighter to create sun kissed  skin, dewy looks and higher defined cheek bones. I feel highlighter is an absolute must for all ages. Not only does it make you feel confident it completes your look. When turning your head from side to side the highlighter catches the light giving you that uber glamorous effect every women needs.

A lot of women are afraid to use highlighter because they feel too much can give the effect of oily skin. But its how you use the product and remember less is more. When it comes to everyday use you need to use it in these key areas. 1.Brow bone 2.tops of cheeks & 3. cupids bow. If you’re going for a high fashion look you can use it on the bridge of your nose and occasionally on the centre of your lips. ( Best product to use when doing mens grooming)

Here below are a couple of photos from a recent shoot using this concept.

Remember makeup is about playing around and coming up with looks that suit you or your client. remember if you apply to much it isn’t the end of the world you can always change it easily.



Yves Saint Laurent

Ive recently purchased the ‘YSL baby doll kiss and blush’ and i must say its worth every penny. Not only did it look amazing on it smells good to. I will definitely be purchasing the whole set! A massive thumbs up from me 😀


Mac Eyeshadow Palette

Ive recently found a new love….

Me being a makeup artist i find it so difficult to travel around with bags full of different eyeshadows ect so i decided enough was enough and that i needed to buy the Mac Eyeshadow palettes that are refillable. These palettes are a gods send don’t know what i would do without them! Not only is it easier for my kit it also looks pleasing to the eye and i love showing them off!  A great purchase!!! <3 <3



Bourjois 123 CC Cream

When it comes to makeup I hold my hands up and admit that I am a makeup snob but recently I’ve come across Bourjois CC cream. I’ve heard so much positive reviews on it that I decided to follow the crowd and buy it for my kit. I’ve now been using Bourjois CC cream for the last month on different clients from models to brides and I’ve become obsessed! All my clients say how amazing it feels and assume it’s an expensive product without even knowing what it is
Until I say “no it’s not expensive.” Not only is it malnourishing it gives great coverage but also still allowing the skins natural glow to shine through!
An amazing product for all skin types and a must have for all women specially with its great ingredients! An also very affordable product in which you can buy over again and again and not have to worry about the price.

So from me I give Bourjois CC cream a great big thumbs up from me and I highly recommend it!!!


Gorgeous glowing skin

Yesterday I did a fashion shoot and I was asked to do a clean look with a berry stained lip on our gorgeous model Lo Iyvonne from PRM model management.
I really enjoyed doing this look and it worked perfectly on our models skin tone.

Can’t wait to see it in print and published! 🙂

Here are the list of products I used to create this look.

•Bourjois 123 Cc cream
•Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer
•YSL touché éclat
•Ben nye brown eyeshadow ( to fill in the brows and to define)
•Tom ford sculpt and shade
•Laura Mercier setting powder
•Clinique chubby stick chunkiest chilli


<3 <3 Valentines Engagement <3 <3

Did your loved one ask you for your hand in marriage? and you replied back saying “yes!”

Then why not start off by booking your makeup artist for you and your bridal party to make you feel like a celebrity for the day!

I will help you enhance your natural beauty with my range of high end products and give you the VIP treatment you deserve!

For bookings and more information please contact me through

I look forward to hearing from you



DIY lipstick pallete! brought from ‘Love Make Up’


Ive been so tired of carrying round 40 plus lipsticks in my makeup kit i decided to start melt them and organise them into a DIY lipstick pallete.

To create this pallete i de-headed each lipstick into one of the empty spaces in my clear empty pallete that i brought from ‘Love Make up’. Once i had all the colours i wanted i then put the pallete in the microwave for 2 minutes but i made sure i checked it every 10-15 seconds to see it wasn’t burning. Once that was complete i then took it out of the microwave with oven gloves on. (Ladies dont burn your fingers like i did haha) and then left it to cool down for an hour or so. Once that had cooled down i finally had my desired lipstick pallete.

Disclaimer: Dont kill your expensive lipsticks such as YSL or D&G because the packing is too beautiful to destroy!


Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

I recently purchased Makeup Forevers Waterproof Eyebrow Gel. Ive heard a lot of hype about it and i thought id give it a try. I usually use either a eyeshadow powder or Pencil to draw in my brows but surprisingly it was really easy to apply. I did notice my brows stayed on all day and didn’t move and when i took my makeup off it took a long time. So i must say i was very very pleased with the purchase.

I brought the Makeup Forever Eyebrow Gel in shade Black brown from

I will definitely be purchasing all the colours 🙂

Dom xxx



Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick



Ive been very skeptical about buying ‘Ruby Woo’ Rihannas lipstick she collaborated with mac. But i must say it is probably one of the best  red lipsticks i have ever brought and have in my kit. Not only does it African American skin it suits every other skin colour there is. The real intensity of the red really shows not only in the product but when it goes onto the lips. What i would suggest though is before you coat your lips you will need to exfoliate well and then moisturise so the lipstick glides on smoothly and then use a lipliner. This will help a lot with applying this colour as red is one of those colours if not done right it will not last and it will look uneven. 

Dom xx 

Amazing love the new ‘ Vaseline Paint The Town Red Lip Tint’

Ive recently purchased the new ‘ Vaseline Paint The Town Red Lip Tint’. At first i was very sceptical because a lot of brands bring out products that say they are going to be long lasting and moisturising. But i was surprisingly impressed 🙂 Not only is it long lasting leaving your lips soft and kissable it has a gorgeous red tint giving the effect of a soft natural colour without wearing any lipstick.

Smokey Eye


On Thursday I did an editorial shoot and I created a strong cat eyed smokey eye. To create this look i first covered the eyelids with urban decays eyeshadow primer
Then I used nars soft touch eyeshadow pencil all over the lid. Once I had the shape I desired on both eyes I then began to blend getting rid of any sharp edges. I then went over this shape with Ben nye black coal eyeshadow. Once that was completed I lined the lash line and the water line with too faced black waterproof liner. Then i added the silver eyeshadow that is in the naked pallet one to the inside of the eyes just to create depth. Once I was happy I finished the whole look off with lots of black mascara by Armani and big black false lashes.

This look was very easy to create and came across on camera very strong!